Laser Lithoripsy

Laser Lithotripsy or removal of urinary organ stones exploitation optical maser energy is a complicated treatment procedure that's non-invasive. The new Holmium: YAG optical maser is employed that delivers terribly short, intense pulses of infrared emission which will break down any kind of stone, in spite of what kind, into little fragments which will be flushed out or excreted in excretory product. It’s less invasive than surgery, which suggests patients recover additional quickly and area unit less doubtless to expertise complications.
The practitioner inserts a skinny tube with a small camera into the patient via the channel, the passage that permits excretory product to go away the body, and ureter. this is often referred to as a ureteroscope. The camera helps the practitioner guide the optical maser wire within the tube and into place till it gets to the stone. Pulses of optical maser energy, every lasting but zero.0003 seconds, then break the stone down.
The shaft is delivered through a super-fine wire simply zero.2 millimeters wide (200 micrometers) and versatile enough to rotate and reach stones of any size or location within the kidneys, urinary organ tubes or bladder. which means it is placed in direct contact with the stone, reducing the chance of any injury to encompassing tissue.
The procedure is performed below associateesthesia|general anaesthesia|anesthesia|anaesthesia} and every treatment session lasts between ten minutes and an hour, reckoning on the dimensions and variety of stones being dampened. though most patients presently keep in hospital nightlong, almost immediately they'll be ready to go back a similar day. A repeat X-ray is finished once the procedure to envision whether or not all stones are removed.

Advantages for Laser Lithotripsy
  • Non-invasive, does not require surgery
  • No blood loss
  • Faster recovery and shorter hospital stay
  • Lesser chances of infection