Leukemia Treatment

Approximate Cost : $6000 -$9000 Duration : 14-21 Days

Leukemia is cancer that starts within the tissue that forms blood. during a person with leukaemia, the bone marrow makes abnormal white blood cells. The abnormal cells area unit leukaemia cells. not like traditional blood cells, leukaemia cells do not die after they ought to. they'll force out traditional white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets. This makes it onerous for traditional blood cells to try to to their work.

Diagnosis of Leukemia

Physical Exam : The Doctor checks for swollen lymph nodes, spleen, or liver.

Blood Tests :The work will an entire blood count to see the quantity of white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets. cancer causes a awfully high level of white blood cells. it's going to additionally cause low levels of platelets and hemoprotein, that is found within red blood cells.

Biopsy : The Doctor removes tissue to seem for cancer cells. A diagnostic test is that the solely positive thanks to grasp whether or not leukaemia has infected alternative organs.Before the sample is taken, anesthesia is employed to numb the realm.

Bone Marrow Aspiration : The Doctor uses a thick, hollow needle to remove samples of bone marrow.

Bone Marrow Biopsy : The Doctor uses a very thick, hollow needle to remove a small piece of bone and bone marrow.

Cytogenetics : The Lab looks at the chromosomes of cells from samplesof blood, bone marrow, or lymph nodes. If abnormal chromosomes are found, the test can show what type of leukemia you have.

Spinal Tap : Your Doctor might take away a number of the humour (the fluid that fills the areas in and round the brain and spinal cord). The doctor uses a protracted, skinny needle to get rid of fluid from the lower spine. The work checks the fluid for cancer of the blood cells or different signs of issues.

Chest X-Ray : An X-Ray can show swollen lymph nodes or other signs of disease in your chest.

Treatment of Leukemia

Chemotherapy : Chemotherapy is also given as pills or by injection. therapy medicine interfere with the power of cancer cells to grow and unfold, however they conjointly injury healthy cells. though healthy cells will recover over time, you'll expertise facet effects from your treatment like nausea, vomiting, loss of appetence, fatigue, hair loss Associate in Nursingd an redoubled risk of infection.

Radiation therapy : It uses high doses of radiation, like X-rays, to destroy cancer cells. Radiation is typically given from a machine outside the body that directs radiation to the cancer (external radiation). Radiation is additionally wont to treat leukaemia that has unfold to the brain and neural structure.

Stem Cell Transplant : Some individuals with cancer of the blood receive a vegetative cell transplant. A vegetative cell transplant permits you to be treated with high doses of medicine, radiation, or both. The high doses destroy each cancer of the blood cells and traditional blood cells within the bone marrow. Before high-dose therapy is given, stem cells are going to be taken from you or from a donor whose bone marrow could be a shut match to your own. before long once the therapy treatment, the stem cells square measure reinstate into your blood. inside many weeks, the new stem cells can begin to create blood cells.

Biological Therapy : Biological medical care uses your system to fight cancer or to assist management facet effects of different cancer treatments. Natural body substances or medication made up of natural body substances area unit wont to boost the body’s own defences against health problem.

Targeted Therapy : Targeted therapies use drugs that attack specific types of cancer cells without damaging healthy cells. Cancer growth inhibitors are a type of targeted therapy.

Leukemia Treatment at Top Hospitals Package

6000 - 9000 US Dollars
14-21 days stay in Hospital
Note:Cost Estimate for on top of embody keep during a personal area wherever a Companion will stick with the patient sawbones fee, medicines and consumables, medical care, food and field decide & Drop. a lot of correct treatment value estimates are often provided if medical reports area unit emailed to North American nation or when the patient is examined by doctors when arrival at hospital in India and medical tests area unit done when admission.