Liver Transplant

Approximate Cost : $40,000 Duration : 14-21 Days

We have a very skilled team with huge experience and wondrous chronicle of doing quite 1750 Live connected donor liver transplants through with survival rates treasure world's best centers .i.e., successful rate of ninety fifth for the patients and a beautiful safety record for the donors. A most well-liked destination for patients from all over the earth


South Asia's Largest Center of Excellence for Liver Transplant, Liver & Pancreatic Surgery
Dedicated Centre for Pediatric Liver Diseases and Pediatric Liver Transplantation
Most advanced Technology Infrastructure - Blood Bank with 24 hour apharesis facility, advanced laboratory and microbiology (infection control) support, advanced cardiology, DSA and interventionalradiology, portable and colour ultra-sonology, Liver Fibro-scan, 64 slice CT scanner, 3 T MRI, PET-CT and nephrology (including 24 hour dialysis and CVVHD) facilities.

Donor Constraints

In Republic of India there's long roster for dead body Donors since dead body organs aren't oftentimes offered and also the sit up for such donors could reach many months. For Overseas patients, solely living donor liver transplants area unit counseled, which needs them to bring a healthy, willing donor (a shut relative or friend only) with them once they come back for a transplant. dead body transplants aren't sensible for overseas patients. what is more the success rate for Living Donor Liver Transplantation is quite the dead body Donor Liver Transplantation. A donor needs to fulfill the subsequent criteria for Liver Donation

  • Willingness to donate
  • Age between 18-55 years
  • Weight between 50-85kg
  • He/She must a close relative or family member only
  • Matching blood groups of the donor and recipient
  • Normal functioning and structure of liver and other body organs.
  • Sufficient volume of liver should be available for the recipient when half of the liver of the donor is used.
  • The suitability of the donor for the donation would be determined by the Liver Transplant Team after studying the above mentioned aspects and performing a series of medical tests.
Package Cost $48,000 US Dollars

Note: Cost Estimate for above include stay in a Private Room where a Companion can stay with the patient surgeon fee, medicines and consumables, nursing care, food and Airport Pick & Drop. More accurate treatment cost estimates can be provided if medical reports are emailed to us or after the patient are examined by doctors after arrival at hospital in India and medical tests are done after admission.