Male Urinary Incontinence

Incontinence is that the accidental run of excretion. The act of elimination goes out of one’s management in such a condition. Bladder management develops earlier in females than in males. Men and girls each square measure tormented by this condition. As age advances men become additional prone to this condition attributable to prostate enlargement however this could not be a rule.

The functioning of the bladder is controlled at the native level by a unconditioned reflex and by the medulla spinalis and also the brain at the upper level. The brain has centers that tell the individual if it's the proper place and time to urinate. These centers area unit affected in conditions like Stroke, Parkinsonism, Alzheimer’s and neoplasm attributable to that the person could urinate now once he gets the urge. The person could pass piss in bed, in an exceedingly gathering etc. this can be a kind of urinary incontinence.
At times the person could suffer from medulla spinalis injury. The medulla spinalis has nerves that carry sensation of bladder fullness from the bladder to the brain. As before long because the brain senses bladder fullness, it instructs the individual to travel to the lav to alleviate him. until such an area is found the brain sends signals through alternative nerves to stay the bladder gap closed. however in cases of medulla spinalis injury, this affiliation between the brain and bladder is lost because the medulla spinalis nerves area unit cut. during this case the person gets the urgency to void piss and he will it now. this can be conjointly a kind of urinary incontinence. conjointly in medulla spinalis injury the bladder gets spastic or hyperactive. a bit degree|somewhat|slightly|alittle} little bit of piss causes reflex contraction of bladder leading to its contraction and expulsion of small amounts of piss with inflated frequency. this can be called hyperactive bladder.
In conditions like DM or alternative nerve diseases, the bladder muscles become weak and nerves inflicting the bladder contraction area unit pathological. As a result even once the bladder is full, there's no reflex contraction and voidance of bladder and also the bladder keeps filling up until it overflows. this can be called enuresis or actuation.
Another selection is that the enuresis that is found additional normally. The neck of the bladder includes a ring of muscle known as the sphincter muscle. This sphincter muscle is sometimes totally shrunken to stay the bladder mouth closed. This muscular ring is supported by girdle muscles. once the girdle floor muscles get weakened, this ring conjointly gets weak. As a result the mouth of the bladder in not entirely closed in the slightest degree times. therefore in instances wherever there's a rise in abdominal pressure as in happy, coughing, sneezing, lifting weights etc., there's discharge if piss because the bladder is compressed. Enlarged prostate puts pressure on the bladder inflicting premature outflow of piss that can't be voluntarily controlled.


The condition is diagnosed by numerous strategies. Digital body part examination will facilitate to envision whether or not the prostate is enlarged. The abdominal and girdle tomography will determine any external factors which will be press the bladder. Urodynamics will facilitate to spot urinary incontinence. Maintaining a diary on range of times you wish to travel to the lav to alleviate yourself is additionally an honest indicator of incontinence.

Incontinence is curable. The strategies and therefore the time taken for cure can vary from person to person.

activity modification : involves bladder coaching and regular evacuation. Adjusting the time of fluid intake before time of day or before going for a automotive trip or party will facilitate avoid accidents throughout sleep or parties. additionally regular evacuation involves voidance of bladder once regular intervals. this system is appropriate for folks with mechanical compression of bladder or enuresis.

Kegel exercise : involves strengthening of the girdle floor muscles that facilitate to stay the muscle muscles tight that successively keep the bladder outlet closed throughout strenuous activities. Pull within the girdle muscles and hold for a count of three. Then relax for a count of three. Repeat, however don't make it. physical exercise to three sets of ten repeats. this is often attainable with the assistance of training program additionally. This helps folks with urinary incontinence.

Medications : sure medications facilitate to relax the bladder and encompassing muscles to permit full voidance (Alpha blockers). Some medicines facilitate to cut back the extent of secretion that enlarges the prostate, that successively helps to cut back the mechanical pressure on the bladder and eases excretory product flow (5-alpha enzyme inhibitors). Antispasmodics relieve the bladder spasm therefore preventing sharp bladder contractions.

Surgery :

1) Artificial {sphincter} : Some male patients will eliminate excretory product leak with a synthetic sphincter. it's associate degree deep-rooted device that keeps the duct closed till the person is prepared to urinate. This device will facilitate those that have incontinence owing to weak {sphincter muscle|sphincter|anatomical muscle|muscle|musculus}s or owing to nerve harm that interferes with sphincter muscle operate. It doesn't solve incontinence caused by uncontrolled bladder contractions.
Surgery to position the synthetic muscle needs general or regional anaesthesia. The device has 3 parts: a cuff that matches round the duct, alittle balloon reservoir placed within the abdomen, and a pump placed within the pocket. The cuff is stuffed with liquid that creates it work tightly round the duct to forestall excretory product from leaky. once it's time to urinate, you squeeze the pump along with your fingers to deflate the cuff so the liquid moves to the balloon reservoir and excretory product will flow through the duct. once your bladder is empty, the cuff mechanically refills within the next two to five minutes to stay the duct tightly closed.

2) Male Sling : Surgery will improve some kinds of incontinence in men. in an exceedingly sling procedure, the medico creates a support for the duct by wrapping a strip of fabric round the duct and attaching the ends of the strip to the girdle bone. The sling keeps constant pressure on the duct so it doesn't open till the patient consciously releases the excretory product.

3) Urinary Diversion : If the bladder should be removed or all bladder operate is lost owing to nerve harm, you'll think about surgery to form a urinary diversion. during this procedure, the medico creates a reservoir by removing a bit of the tiny bowel and directional the ureters to the reservoir. The medico additionally creates a stoma, a gap on the lower abdomen wherever the excretory product will be drained through a tube or into a bag.