Total Hip Replacement Surgery

Approximate Cost : $7,500 - $11,000 Duration : 7-14 Days

A hip pain severely affects one’s ability to guide a life actively. Over the previous few years, there are major advancements in hip replacement rising the surgery outcome greatly. Total hip replacement may be a treatment to any or all sorts of hip inflammatory disease, rising the standard of lifetime of patients World Health Organization bear the operation. This hassle inflicting hip is surgically removed and replaced with a man-made one. There ar 2 major varieties of artificial hip replacements - Cemented prosthetic device and also the Uncemented prosthetic device. each varieties of prosthetic device ar wide used.

Types Of Total Hip Replacement

There are two major types of artificial hip replacements - Cemented Prosthesis and the Uncemented Prosthesis

Each prosthesis is made up of two parts
The acetabular component, or socket portion, which replaces the acetabulum.
The femoral component or stem portion, which replaces te femoral head.
The femoral component is made of a metal stem with a metal ball on the end. Some prosthesis have a ceramic ball attached to the metal stem. The acetabular component is a metal shell with a plastic inner socket liner that acts like a bearing. The type of plastic used is highly cross linked ultra high molecule weight Polyethylene which is wear resistant.
A cemented prosthesis is held in place by Poly Metha Acrylate (PMMA) cement that attaches the metal to the bone. An uncemented prosthesis has a fine mesh of holes on the surface area that touches the bone. The mesh allows the bone to grow into the mesh and "become part of" the bone. The lofe of uncemented prosthesis is three times as that of cemented hip prosthesis.

Estimated Package Costs

Package cost for Total Hip Replacement Surgery in India is Unilateral - One Hip:- 7500 US Dollars Bilateral - Both Hips:- 11000 US Dollars for 5 days stay in a Private Room where a Companion can stay with the patient surgeon fee,medicines and consumables, nursing care, food and Airport Pick & Drop. Keywords

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